DAW + Audio Engine Dev Update (#7)

2 min readMar 17, 2021

Hello! Ava is taking a shape now. Since my last update on March 6th, I did these things:

  • Fixed the delay effect.
  • Rewrote the demo
  • Wrote a structured demo which has an interface that uses Ava and the user just calls the functions of that class.

I’m gonna work on these tasks until the next post:

  • Creating another effect and another basic instrument (or maybe turn the SimpleSineGenerator into WaveGenerator and have it create all kinds of waves + white and pink noise)
  • Changing the audio input/output devices settings.

If I find more time in the next 2–3 weeks, I’m gonna work on these tasks too:

  • A real time output callback (without input streams)
  • Dockerize the project (which might need a lot of time because of the project’s dependencies.)

After that, I’ll be able to use Ava on the DAW and also the digital hardware synth that I’m working on for my university project. The deadline for that project is cutting close so I have work on other parts of the synth in parallel. I’ll write about that in detail too.

You can check out Ava from here. I frequently update the tasks I’m working on, on this kanban board.

Originally published at https://dev.to on March 17, 2021.




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